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Assam Information

Asom is located in the Eastern side which is virtually cut off from the central India by Bangladesh.  It has West Bengal in its West, Bhutan and Arunachal Pradesh in the North, Nagaland, Manipur in the East and Megalaya, Tiripura and Mizoram in its South.

The North East as a whole was known as Assam province before independence of India.  After Independence the province was divided into seven separate states in the basis of language and ethnic considerations known as seven sisters.

It has different characters; the North East has a separate entity.  It has a number of tribes who speak different dialects and languages.  In fact, these hill tribes bear similarity to those tribes living in the other parts of the Himalayas.  They are nearer by languages customs and looks to those who found in Myanmar, Thailand and Laos.  When Britishers ruled India, the local tribal men were fully exploited by the Christian Missionaries and compelled to change their religion.  These missionaries had the permission to go deep and work freely.  After Independence entry into Assam, Megalaya and Tiripura has been virtually stopped.  To enter into Manipur, domestic tourists have to apply for a permit for travelling by road from Dimapur to pass through Nagaland.  Foreigners have to secure a visa from the Home Ministry for the Foreign Mission.

Domestic tourists have to approach the Resident Commissioner of Nagaland in New Delhi.  The foreign tourists have a restricted area permit from the Indian mission overseas.  The domestic tourists have to approach the liaison office of Mizoram in New Delhi.  The foreign tourists have to get visa from the Indian Mission in their own country for permit.  

The same procedure is followed for entering Arunachal Pradesh.  All these restrictions were imposed by the GOI after the Indo China war in 1962 for security reasons.

Fertile Land

The North East is a fertile region and since long immigrants from Bangladesh have been pouring into Asom for livelihood.  There are feeble attempts to push them back with little success.  The region is close to Nepal, China, Bangladesh and Myanmar.  All these states are connected by roads and rail and air with main land.  The GOI set up a North Eastern council for the planned development of the region.

Assam Tourism

Important cities and tourist places in Asom

Barpeta, Bhalukpung, Chandubt lake, Dhemaji, Dhubri, Dibrugarh, Diphu, Gopalpara, Geeta Mandir, Hotlong, Jorhot, Karimganj, Kaziranga National Park, having one horned Rhinoceros, Lakshmipur, Manas, Sikhar, Sulakuchi, Tezpur and Tinsukia are beautiful places to visit.

The area of Asom is about 78,438 sq km.  Density is about 340 per sq km. The capital of this state is Dispur.  Languages spoken by this people are Assam and Bangla.

Temperature in Asom can drop from 90°C to 50°C in an hour if one ascends the hills.  This place is the wettest in India.


Anthropological museum in the Guwahati versity, Assam State museum, Assam forest museum and Assam cottage industries museum are wonderful to visit.

Places of Pilgrimage


Kamakya temple is here.  It is famous for Shakthi worship.

Sibi Sagar

This place is full of temples, Buddhist, Shakta shrines and mosques are here.

Peacock Islands

Shivarathiri festival is celebrated with great pomp and show at Umanandha temple.


Numerous shrines are here for Hindus, Muslims and Buddhists.


The chief occupation of the inhabitants of the state is agriculture.  About 75% of the people are engaged in agriculture and allied activities.  About 75% of the people are engaged in agriculture and allied activities.  About 80% of the land is under cultivation.  The principal crop is rice, jute, tea, cotton, oilseeds, sugarcane, potato and fruits are the main cash crops.

The state is rich in minerals.  Mineral oil, coal, limestone, petrol, dolomite, refractory clay and natural gas are found here.  Asom is rich in forest resources.  30% of the state is forestry.  Out of the scheduled 41 Indian wild lifes, 20 types belong to Asom Rhinos,elephants, wild buffalos are in abundance in the two national parts.  They are manas and Kaziranga.  Asom has paper mills.  It is also a land of two leaves and a bud.   

The handicrafts of Asom are wonderful to our sight.  The episode of old art and culture is depicted in the hands of the artists.  The needle work is very superb.  The brass articles, bidri, art work of silver fringe, Bamboo-cane wood furniture and articles, paintings of Gods and Goddesses, stone idols, ivory ornaments and buffalo horns are very extra ordinary.

Tea has a prominent place in agriculture based industries.  It has more than 810 tea plantations which produce one-sixth of the total production of the world. As far as taste and flavour are concerned.  Darjeeling tea is best.  Guwahati can boast of the biggest tea auction house. 

CTC- Auction house. 

It has two oil refineries and more in set up with a petro chemical set up.  At Nam rup there is a fertilizer factory in the public sector, besides sugar, jute, silk, paper, rice and ply wood manufacturing facilities.  A pole star spinning mill has also been setup.

Power projects

Chandrapur Thermal  Project,  Namrup Thermal project, Karbi- Langpi, Hydel Electric project and Lakwa Thermal power station are worth ful to visit.  

Pastime pursuits

The tumultuous rivers, which cause devastation when it rains heavily, the enchanting hills, the difficult terrains and the lovely country side all becko those who love to live life in an adventurous manner.

Passing through terrain

The state has terrain from Kabri to north cachar hills to pass through or cross the Brahmaputra from Ninging to Dhubri by raft.

Water Games

Brahmaputra offers water based water Games like boat racing at many places such as Hazo, Sulakuchi, Barpeta, Guwahati etc.


A large number of rivers excellent opportunities for angling.  They are Kpili, Manas, Bhoroli etc.  It is famous for Golden Maahseer.  It is a popular stat and in fact regular competition takes place at Bhorol in November.  In each year the people from outside the state also participate.  Assam Bhoroli Anglers Association and the state forest Department jointly organize it.

Para Salling

This is a new sport introduced by the Asom Tourism Development crop to boost tourism.  It takes place in North Guwahati.


The state generally has golf courses along with air strips.  Some of them are at Narengi, Army Estate, Moran planters club, Kanjikhown, panitola planters club and Dhansiri poto club. 

Asom Festivals

Asom has a number of colourful festivals, among them Bihu is the chief.  It is celebrated on three occasions.  It is a legend that King Biswa Singh was the founder of the festival. On the eve of Chaitra Sankaranthi crop growing festival is there for three days.  Bohag or Rangoli or Baisakh Bihu; Kangali or Kali Bihu crop reaping festival starts at Aswin Sankaranthi and continues till the end of Kartika.  It is also called Kartick Bihu and crop collection festival Bhagoli or Magh Bihu in Aswin. Sankaranti continues for 2 days.  Rangoli prolongs for a month has more attraction than others.


It is celebrated by Boro Kacharis in Baishak to mark the beginning of the New year.


This festival is celebrated by Karbis;  It falls at spring time.


It is celebrated to remember and honour the dead.

Ambubasi Mela

Ambu basi Mela is celebrated every year during monsoon at Kamakiya temple in Guwahati.  It is a purely tantric cult and practice.  This temple remains closed for three days as it is taken to be Goddess menstrual period.

Jonbeel Mela

It is held during winter at Jonbeel.  A bazaar is held were various tribes exchange their products with the local people.  Afire worship is held before the mela for the well being of all.

Besides the above mentioned festivals, a number of other festivals take place like Shivarathiri mela at Shiva temples, Diwali, Id, Christmas, Ashokastami Mela, Durga priya, Pausha mala and Parasucammela.

How to Reach Asom


Airports are available in Guwahati, Tezpur, Jorhat, Dirbrugarh, Lakhimar and Silchar.


Asom has a well connected rail junctions to all the major cities of India.

Road way

Lot of buses is available and it has a well connected road to all the main cities of India.