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Belta National Park

The Belta national park is situated in the north Eastern part of the Indian subcontinent.  It is the most widely known and popular national parks.  The earlier name f this park is palamu sanctuary.  It is a pure sal forest, richest ever greens, teak trees and bamboo thickets are home to some 37 tigers, 62 leopards, 210 elephants and 249 bison.  Some other important animals are also present here.  They are panthers, sambars, sloth bears, chitals, sambars, nilgais, langurs, jackals, small Indian civets and ant eating pangolins.  The plants and shrubs of this forest possess medicinal properties.  We can see 174 species of birds along with the reptiles.  The species of plants and shrubs are more than 970 in number.  Eight local tribes are living along with the animals. This forest spread across 200 small villages.  This area is also a seat of power in the chera Dynasty.  We can see the 16th century forts in this jungle.  It gives us a great historical record.

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