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Camphell Bay National Park

The Camphell Bay National Park is located on the Great Nicobar Island.  It is the largest of the Nicobar Islands. These islands are located in the Indian Ocean.

Campbell Bay was established as a National park in 1996.  The forms of a part of its known as the Great Nicobar Biosphere reserve.

This park covers an area of about 426.23 sq km of tropical evergreen forest, abounding in orchids of tree terns.  This park gives fresh air to breath.  The orchids are truly spectacular, the flowers are in full bloom during the summer and it gives pleasant view to the sight.

Bay Park has crab-eating macaque, the megapode, the giant robber crab and the Nicobar pigeon.  There are also myriad species of birds that we can watch specially from the watch towers.

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