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Chattisgarh Information

Chattisgarh has Southern Jharkhand and Orissa to the East, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra to the West, Uttar Pradesh and western Jharkhand to its North and Andhra Pradesh to the South.

This state is dominated by the people of the tribal tribes who were clamouring for a separate state to fulfill their hopes and aspirations.  According to anthropologists thousand years before Christ, Paleolithic men lived in the mountains.  They are still there in great number and they speak hundreds of different languages.  Bhil tribes speak in Bhili and Gondas in Gondi.  Bastar is the home of many aboriginal tribes.  It is one of the largest districts in India.  Among them are Medias who often participate in the dances in the country and abroad.   

The name of this state has been derived from the ancient dynasty of South Kaushal Kings and was renamed Chattisgarah.  Once it was ruled by King Kalchuri, he had two sons.  One of the sons had his capital at Raipura and the other at Ratnapur.  The two sons had eighteen sons and the state was divided into eighteen parts.  Each part has a fort for him.

The state has natural beauty in abundance.  It has many waterfalls, caves and rivers.  Half of the area of the state is covered by the forests and the other half is rocky.  So the agricultural land is negligible.  This state is rich in minerals.  It has abundant quality of iron, coal, manganese copper and limestone.  Reserves of diamond have been discovered which can yield rich dividends to the state.  It also earns from tendu leaves, Beheda Arar, Mahu flowers and Sal seed.


The area of this land is about 1,35,191 Sq km.


The capital of this state is Raipur.


Density is about 154 Per Sq km.

Principal Language

The language spoken by the people are Hindi, Urudu and Marathi.

Cities, towns, religious and tourist places around Chattisgarh

Bilaspur, Raigarh, Raipur, Korba, Baikunthpur, Ambikapur is famous for its ancient caves.  Durg is famous for its fort and Jagalpur has wild life Sactuary.

Chattisgarh was carved out of the largest state Madhya Pradesh on November 1, 2000.  It was held that this portion of the state was a separate entity culturally and historically. 


The capital of this state lies on the bank of river Mahanadi.  It has been there in ancient times but the old town and fort are in ruins at present.  This modern city was built in the 14th century AD by king Ramchandra.

Chattisgarh Tourism

Important places to visit in Chattisgarh

Mahant Ghasi Dasi Memorial Museum

A rare collection of inscriptions, sculptures, coins, idols and things related to natural history are here.

Burha tank

This island has a largest tank with trees and garden in the midst.

Nandavan Resort

Nandavan Resort lies on the bank of river Kharum.  This park has trees, a children’s park, lawns and boating facility.


This is known as Sripur in the 5th and the 6th century AD, when it was the capital of the Kaushal Kings.  It is about 75 km away from the Raipur.  It has a famous centre of Buddhism between 6th and 10th century AD.  Chinese Traveler Hieun Tsang visited this place in the 7th century.  It has a Laxman temple, built in the 6th century with the bricks.  It has some other temples plus Buddhist Maths and Vihars.  


It is situated on the highway of Raipur- Sambalpur.  This is 35 km away from the Raipur.  Arang has large number of temples which were built in the 11th century.  Bhavdewal Jain temple is a famous temple among them.


Mahanadhi,Sandhur and Pairi rivers meet here.  A large number of temples built during the 7th and 11th century AD are intact still.  Rajiv Lochan temple houses the idol of Lord Vishnu with four arms.  There is aLochman temple in Kandariya style with embroidery of flowers and beautiful designs on the ceilings.  Another temple Mahadev is built in the 11thcentury.

How to reach


This town is linked with Delhi, Jabalpur, Bhopal and Bhuvaneshwar.

Rail way

Raipur has an own railway station.


It has a well connected roads to all the major cities of India.