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Dibru Saikhowa National Park

The Dibru Saikhowa National Park is in Assam.  It sprawls over 340 sq km.  This National park was formed by merging the two reserve forests of Dibru and Saikhowa.  It was declared as a national park in 1999.

Dibru – Saikhowa is distinct for its pristine scenic beauty.  It is the most vibrant wilderness on the Earth.  This national park is situated in the flood plain of the Brahmaputra.  Dibru Saikhowa is a safe haven for endangered species of wildlife.  It includes 300 species of birds both endangered and migratory.

25 species of mammals have been recorded including tigers, elephants, leopards, jungle cats, bears, small Indian civets, squirrels, gangetic dolphins, slow loris and assamese macaques.
The white winged wood duck and the brightly colored wild horses are known as feral horses.  These animals are mainly attracted by the viewers.

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