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Gir Forest National Park

The Gir Forest National park is situated in Gujarat.  This park was established in the year 1975.  This national park covers an area of about 258.71 Sq. Km.  Gir forest is the side home of the pure Asiatic lions.

The lions in this forest were declared as “protected” in the year 1900.  This was told by the nawab of the princely state Junagadh.  This was an important step in the conservation of the lions.  The population had plummeted to only fifteen, because they were hunted as trophies.  This sanctuary is internally acclaimed for sowing this precious species successfully from the brink of extinction.

This sanctuary is well famous for the remarkable bird population.  In addition to the lions, the Gir forest supports a rich biodiversity.  This park has 32 species of mammals, 26 species of reptiles.  This park also has the distinction of being home to the largest leopard populations of India.

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