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Goa is a gorgeous place. It is the tiny tropical paradise tucked away on the Western coast of the Indian peninsula.  Goa is endowed with exceptional scenic beauty and rich cultural heritage.  The city has lured mankind since time is immemorial, it was referred as ‘Goyem’ by the ‘Mundaris’ who are the oldest tribes of the world.  The Aryans named Goa as the “Garden of shepherds”.  The enraptured European travelers called it as the ‘Goa Dourada” or the Golden Goa.  “Perola do oriente or ‘Pearl of the Orient’, ‘Roma do oriente or Rome of the East and several other names are there to praise this beautiful land.  The former Portuguese enclave presents a rare blend of occidental and oriental cultural habits to Goa, where the people of different castes and creeds of religions live in complete harmony.  The western influence is quite evident in various facts of Goan lifestyle that abounds with Indian mythology.  The very name “Goa”, spells sun, sea, sand and socegado.  The meaning of socegado is feelings of peace and fun.

The pristine beauty of Goa is inebriating all things are so special and unique so no visitor can escape the magical charm of Goa.  It is a virtual paradise for the nature lovers and enthusiasts of water sports.  The state has a stretch of coast line extending for about 125km, with a stretch of about 83km of silvery palm fringed beaches.  We can just laze on the beach and soak in the sun or swim in the cool blue waters.  The aquatic sport lovers has most of the beaches which provide facilities for sailing, water scooters, wind surfing, water skiing, snorkeling, scuba diving etc.  But there is much more to explore in this land of rich history and culture.  The entire state is dotted with ancient forts, ruins, mansions, churches, temples and tombs etc.  The numerous fairs and festivals as well as the weekly markets showcase the rich cultural heritage of the region.  It we reach the colorful state, the first strike of us is the easy going, fun loving free and tolerant Goan life style.  The impact of Portuguese rule is distinctly evident.  Goans are very proud of their culture and their love for music, dance, food and festivities is legendary. The verdant sahyadri ranges flank the eastern boundary of the state, making goa one of the richest reservoirs of biodiversity in the world. 

The lush forests are home to large birds and animals in different varieties.  The rolling hills are also a source to the numerous rivers and rivulets.  It enhances the beauty of Goa and also helps in island navigation.  The delectable Goan cuisine is another attraction, particularly the seafood which tickles the palate of the visitors.  Here one may browse upon numerous varieties of delicacies which are of international standards and available at moderate prices.  The ethnic beverages like cashew feni, has today became a name to reekon.  Goa is the best tourist destination in India.