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Gulf of Kutch Marine National Park

Gulf of Kutch is the first marine wild life sanctuary and first marine national park in India.  It was created in the year 1980 and 1982.

The Gulf of Kutch sanctuary covers an area of about 458 sq. km.  This national park covers an area of about 162.89 sq. km

This national park is an archipelago of 42 tropical islands.  This park lies along the northern coast of Jamnagar district and southern coast of Jamnagar district and southern coast of Kutch.

Gulf of Kutch’s Sanctuary is in the intertidal zone.  This is the area between the lowest and highest tide levels.  It means that this lies below water in high tide and it is exposed during the low tide.  This type of unique feature gives a great chance to the visitors for observing the rich diversity of marine habitats in the country.  It includes saline grass lands, marshy areas, rocky shores, mudflats, creeks, estuaries, sandy strands, coral reefs and mangroves.

The mangrove trees are easily identified by their peculiar roots. These roots reach up through the mud and out of the water.  They are the breeding grounds for colonies of near-threatened species of birds such as painted stork, darter and black necked lbis.

Some of the finest coral reef fringe islands are found here too.  These colorful rocks like formations provide shelter and safe breeding grounds for fresh and various tiny marine species.  The Gulf of Kutch Marine Park is a treasure trove of marine life. This affords a unique and thrilling experience to the visitors.

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