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Haryana has an ancient history by going back to Vedic age.  The great Epic battle was fought between the Pandavas and Kauravas at Kurukshetra.  It was in the town of Haryana that Lord Krishna gave his sermon to Arjuna now a part of Bhagavat Gita.  Haryana has also been the battle ground for the control of the throne of Delhi.  Many battles were fought at Panipat from 90Kms north of Delhi.  Babur defeated Ibrahim Lodhi and changed the whole history of India in 1526.  The Mughal Empire was founded in this day only.  After that many battles were fought here.  The region played an important role in the first war of independence in 1857.  The rebellion was crushed and the British got back the control of the region.  The regional Nawabs of Jhajjar and Bahadurgarh and therajas of Ballabgarh and Rewari were dethroned.  Their territories were handed over to rulers of Jind,Patiala and Nabha.  Thus Haryana became the part of Punjab, Gurgaon, Rohtak, Karnal, Parts of Ambala, Sangrur, Kharat, Hissar and Mahendragarh were separated and formed the new state of Haryana under the Re Organisation act. 

Haryana does not have much attraction for tourists but it has taken full advantage of its location.  The state lies on the cross roads of North India and all main routes to Delhi go through this state.  This state was built in a series of tourist complexes with lakes, restaurants, hotels and shopping centres on Delhi-Agra, Jaipur, Amristar and Fazilka highways.  These have been named after birds.


The area of this land is about 44212 Sq km.


The capital of Haryana is Chandigarh.


The density of this land area is 477 per Sq km.


Haryana is situated in the East of Uttar Pradesh.  Punjab on the northwest, Himachal Pradesh to trhe north and Rajasthan to the Southwest.


The language spoken by the people are Hindi and Punjabi


Metalled roads are in fine condition to reach all the villages.  They are 22756 Km in length.


Airports are present in Chandigarh, Hissar, Jind and Karnal.


The main occupation of the people is agriculture.  Nearly 80% of the people in the state are agriculturists.  51% of the cultivable area is under irrigation.  The main crops of this state are cotton, wheat, maize, bajra etc.  It not only produces enough for its own consumption but greatly contributes to the central pool to be disturbed to other states.  Haryana is one of the leading states in milk and made food products.  It is second to Punjab in the country in regard to per Capita annual income. One tree for the child is their latest programs.  It has planted crores of saplings under it.  This state produces minerals like limestone, slate, dolomite, road metals, China clay and marble. 

The state besides being a leading in agricultural region and does not lay behind in industry, major industries like cement, sugar, paper, cotton textiles, glass ware, cycles tractors, motorcycles, automobiles, tyres and tubes, sanitary ware, television sets, steel tubes, hand tools, cotton yarn, refrigerators and vanaspathi ghee are found here.  Panipat is known for its hand tuffed wollen carpets.

The state major irrigation projects are Western Yamuna Canal, Bhakra Canal system and Gurgaon canal system.  It also shares the multipurpose project on Sutlej and Beas with Punjab. 

Haryana Tourism

Important places to visit Haryana

Badkal Lake

Badkal Lake is around 30 km from Delhi district.  Faridabad on the Delhi - Mathura - Agra road at the slope of Aravathi.  It is about the height of 760 feet.  It is a picnic spot.  Facilities of boating and swimming are available here.  Colorful flowers on the vast green landscape add beauty to the place.  We can find camels, horses and elephants also to entertain.  Temples of Lord Shiva and Hanuman are also there on the bank.


It is about 54 km from Delhi, on the Delhi- Jaipur road in dist Gurgaon.  This tourist complex is situated in the picturesque setting of Aravalli Hills.  Peacock move around the place.

Karnal Lake

It is 121 km away from Delhi in the district of Karnal.  It is a calm and quiet lake formed in 1972.  It covers an area of 17 acres.  Visitors can enjoy boating here.  There is a house complex on the bank providing restaurant, bar, conference hall and luxury cottages for families.

Yadavindra Gardens

These gardens were built by Nawab Fidaikhan who was the governor of the province in the 17th century.  They are located 22km away from Chandigarh.  They have the water ways and fountains.  They are now holiday retreats.  The oldest garden is situated in the foot hills of Shivalik Mountain on Ambala Kalka national Highway.  There are a mini zoo, Cive cat sanctuary, bird sanctuary, children’s park and Japanese garden.

Suraj Kund

This is hardly 8km from Delhi in Faridabad district.  It has got its name from an ancient amphi theatre structure.  An architectural specimen was ordered to build by Raja SurajPal in the 10th century AD.  Every year a mela is held here.

Sky lark

It is 92 km away from Delhi in Panipat district.  It is a tourist complex.


It is 30 km away from Delhi in Faridabad district.  It has a new accommodation wings with a modern convention centre coming up.

Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary

It is 42 km away from Delhi on Delhi Jaipur road.  It is spread over 400 acres of lake area.  There are a number of trees covering the embankment of the lake where domiciled birds built their nests.  Pelicans gather at the place between October and February from Europe and Siberia.  There is Haryana Tourism Rosy pelican complex and tourist guest house.  A library and museum on birds is also there.