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Indravathi National Park

Indravathi National Park is a famous tiger reserve.  It is the one and only tiger reserve in the state of Chhattisgarh.  This park has got its name from the river “Indravathi”.  This river flows from East west of this national park.

This park boasts of exotic varieties of tropical flowers, especially orchids.  The grasslands abound in wild buffaloes, barking deer and herds of nilgais the wildlife also includes barasinghas, gaurs, sambhars, wild dogs, sloth bear, hyenas and many other variety of species.  Especially, this park is famous for the reptiles.  We can see crocodiles barking in the sun as well as Indian Chameleons’, cobras and Indian rock pythons.

Fantastic varieties of bird’s life can be seen here.  The birds are hill myna, cattle egret, parrots, bulbul, koels, fly catchers and weaver birds.

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