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Jharkhand Information

Jharkhand is a newly created 28th state of the Indian union came into being on November 15, 2000 after the Bihar Re-organization.  Bill was passed by the parliament.  Jharkhand is the home land of the tribal’s for which they have been agitating for years.  Japalsingh mooted the idea of a separate state.  In post –Independence era the Jhanakhan Mukthi Morcha lead by Santhal leader Sibhu Soren lead a regular agitation which led the government to set up the Jharkhand area autonomous council in 1955.  It becomes a finally full fledged state.


The area of this land is about 79714

Principal Languages

The language spoken by the people are Hindi, Urdu and Maithli.


Maximum temperature of this land is about 47c and minimum isabout20c.


Rainy season is from June to October.


Durga pooja is celebrated during [September- October] months.  Diwali is celebrated during the months of [October- November].

Towns, cities, religious and tourist places

Bokaro, Jamshedpur, Chaibasa, Deoghat, Dumka, Betla, Hazaribagh, Giridth, Godda, Gumla, Singhbum, and Daltonganj.


Jharkhand lies in the east of the West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh and Chandigarh in the west, Bihar in the North and Orissa in the South.


The capital of this state is Ranchi


Airports are present in Ranchi and Jamshedpur.


This state is rich in minerals copper, coal, iron, mica, chromite, manganese, bauxite gold and silver reserves are found here.  The state can boast of two steel plants, one in the public sector Bokaro and the private sector is in the TISCO.  It has a great future if natural resources are fully exploited.


Ranchi is surrounded by small hills circular rivers and small waterfalls.  The capital of this state lies on the bank of river Suran rekha in the heart land of the country.  It is known as Chota Nagpur the place is comparably calm.  

Jharkhand Tourism

Ranchi Hills

A Shiva temple at the top of the hill is a holy spot.  This place is a holiday resort.  We can have a panoramic view of the town from here.  There is a lake, dam and a picnic spot at the foot of the hill.

Ranchi Lake

This lake is used for boating. 

Tagore hills

Tagore wrote number of books here.  There is a RamaKrishna Ashram at the foot of the hill.  It is the centre of Divyagyan and Agrarian vocational institute.

Jegannath Temple

The replica of the temple at Puri, this temple stands at the top of a hill.  It is crowded during the annual Rath Yatra or car festival in July.



Hazartibagh is a beautiful hill resort at an altitude of 2019 feet.  This plateau has Parasnath. It is the highest hill in the region which is about 4480 feet, the holy place of the Jains.  It is said 23 out of 24 Thirthakaras attained Salvation here.  There are Jain temples.  Hazaribagh Lake and the wild life Sanctuary has a huge number of Sambars which is nearby.  We can go round to remote corners and towers and have a clear view of the wilds during October to April months.

Muggah Breeding centre

This crocodile breeding centre has more than 60 of them now.  The biological park is nearer to this centre.

Johna falls or Gautam Dhara

We have to go up 500 pared steps to see the fall.  This place is a beautiful retreat.

Sita and Dassam falls

Sita and Dassam falls are adjacent to Johna falls.  It is an enchanting sight in the morning.

Hundru falls

Water falls on the Subarnarekha River from height of 320 feet.  The base at the fall is a picnic and bathing spot.

Hirni falls

It is also another waterfall which is about 75km.

Panch Ghat falls

It is a line of five waterfalls.  It is about 55 km.


It has the state tourism development’s tourist complex.  We can have boating and water sports.  The Harihar Dham at Bagodar is few km away from here on the main road.  It has a 52 feet high Shiva lingam which was built in 30years and it perhaps the tallest in the world.


This is also called Tatanagar after the legendary Jameshedji Tata.


This place is known for its coal fields.  It is about 171km.

Chota Nagpur

This region has a number of plateaus, hills and valleys.  Most of the plateau are about 1000 feet; the two important ones are Hazaribagh and Ranchi.

How to reach Chota Nagpur


Ranchi is the nearest airport.  It is about 93km.


Ranchi is the nearest railhead

How to reach Ranchi


It is connected with Kolkata, Patna, Mumbai and Delhi.


There is a rail link with Patna and Rourkela.


There is a large network connecting the place with all major towns.