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Kanger Valley National Park

The Kanger Valley national park is about 200 sq km from the Chhattisgarh state.  This park has derives its name from the Kanger River.  It flows throughout the length.  The Kanger Valley has attained the status of National Park in 1982.  The park has the forests of sal, teak and bamboo trees.
Tigers, Leopards, Mouse deer, wild cat, chital, sambar, barking deer, Jackals, langurs, rhesus, macaque, sloth bear and wild boar are some of the wild animals present in this Kanger valley National park.

This park has became a fascinating place by having the bird species such as hill myna, spotted owlet, red jungle fowls, racket-tailed drongos, peacocks, parrots and steppe eagles. Instead of plants and wildlife; this park has interesting places such as the Kutamsar caves, Kailash caves, Dandok caves and Tirathgarh waterfalls.

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