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Ramanagara Information

Ramanagara is the capital of the district Ramanagara, which is separated from the Bangalooru rural and Urban districts.  Ramanagara, 50 km from Bengalooru on the Bengalooru – Mysooru highway, is considered as the Mecca of rock climbing.  The place abounds in rock formations, which are a climber’s delight.  Even those who have no exposure to rock climbing can learn it on the artificial wall set up at the State Youth centre in Bengalooru, and then set off on trekking expeditions under expert care and guidance. 

This place on the beautiful banks of the river Arkavathi has ‘Puranic references’.  It is believed that Lord Rama with His consort Goddess Sita and His brother Lord Lakshmana had a halt here at Ramaveda Betta while they were on their way to the forests as ordained by King Dasaratha, Lord Rama’s father.  There is a gorgeous hill topped by an ancient temple with excellent arcitectre, wonderful carvings and sculpture which depict among other figures, the Hoysala Lions.  The temple also has icons of Lord Rama, Goddess Sita and Lord Lakshmana. The sacred temple tank here is known as ‘Laksha Theertha’.

In the proximity, there is another temple with splendid architecture.  Goddess Parvathi, the consort of Lord Siva is the presiding deity here.  Lord Siva is worshipped in His usual Linga form in front of the sacred bull mount, Nandhi.

Overlooking the beautiful river Arkavathi are a temple dedicated to Lord Arkeswara and the Peeran Sahwali Mosque.  Ramanagaram has traditionally been a place of dextrous potters. The pottery products of this place have a wide and far-fetched appeal.  A showroom and the rural marketing and Serving centre of the Karnataka State Handicrafts Development Corporation are situated here.  The place excels in the production of silk with the distinction of being the largest silk production centre in India.


On the Kanakapura road, 98km from Bengalooru, Mekadatu which means a “goat’s leap” is where the ancient Siva temple known as the ‘Sangameswara Temple at the confluence of two beautiful rivers, is situated. This sumptuous sylvan region has a beautiful can you through which the Arkavati River flows.  Here, this river tributes the river Cauvery which courses along a ravine, so narrow that a goat can leap across.  Hence, it has been named so.