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Middle Button Island National Park

Middle Button island National Park is present in the Andaman and Nicobar islands.  It is near the port Blair.  This park is famous for its spotted deer along with many other species of Wild life.  This pleasant area gives scenic beauty to our sight and fresh air to breathe.

The North Button island National Park covers a marine area of about 0.44 sq km in the Andaman and Nicobar islands off the east coast of India.  This is a wonderful place for scuba diving and snorkeling as the bottom of the sea. It is made up mainly of coral covered rocks interspersed with patches of sand.  This island is the home of the dugong, dolphins, blue whale, water monitor lizard and other forms of marine life.  We can find hump back snappers, giant groupers and schools of spiny foot and unicorn fish.  Boulder corals stag horns and finger corals are some of the rights to be seen on the reef flats.  The area receives heavy rainfall from June to October every year. So the months from December to April are the Best time to visit the North Button island park.

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