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Pondicherry is a former French Colony, now it is Union territory.  It is a charming town filled with history, heritage, culture, French connection, beaches, and unique life style and shopping.  It is also known as Puducherry.  This town includes the former French enclaves of Karaikkal(Tamil Nadu), Mahe(Kerala) and Yanam(Andhra Pradesh) . 

The world famous Sri Aurobindo Ashram is situated here.  The Auroville complex is the brain child of “The Mother,” who was the devotee of Sri Aurobindo, she was a French woman.  She got the spiritual authority of Sri Aurobindo after his death.  Auroville has nearly fifteen settlement and about 550 resident foreigners.  Matrimanthir is designed to be the spiritual centre of Auroville. 

Pondicherry offers lot of people to be experienced by glancing through this area.  This beautiful town has a perfect blend of West and India, which makes Pondicherry very special among the Indian and Foreign tourists. 

The French hand over this enclave to India 1954 the union government took over the responsibility of its administration. 

Pondicherry Tourism

  Some important places in Pondicherry


This promenade is one of the beaches which give more pride to the Pondicherry.  It is of 1.5km, we can see several lands marks along the sea.  The statue of Mahatma Gandhi, the elegant War Memorial raised by French, the heritage building Mairie the 27m tall old light house. 

Aayi mandapam and Bharathi Park

Aayimandapam is the Emblem of the Government of Pondicherry.  This square facing the Governor’s Bungalow reflects the French influence.  The park surrounded by this mandapam is restricted to visit because of preserving its heritage.


There are about 32 temples in Pondicherry.  Sri Manakula Vinayagar Temple, Sri Vedapureeswarar Temple, Sri Kamatchiamman Temple, Sri Varadaraja Perumal Temple are very famous temples in Pondicherry.


French Missionary built large number of imposing churches during the 17th and 18thcenturies.  The Sacred Heart Church is situated on the boulevard stands as an oriental specimen of Gothic splendor.  This building contains rare and beautiful stained glass panels depicting saints and events from the life of Christ. 


It is situated 10km from the North of Pondicherry town.  Auroville inaugurated on 28thFebruary 1968 with representation from 124 countries.  It was a universal town where people from different nationalist, faiths and beliefs can live here with harmony and peace.


Pondicherry is about 150km from Chennai and it is well connected by roadways and railway.