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Bundi Information

Bundi is one of the important districts of the state of Rajasthan.  It is situated 35km from Kota and 210 km from Jaipur. 

Bundi is located at 25.44°N 75.64°E and an average elevation of 268 metres (879 feet). The city lies near a narrow gorge, and is surrounded on three sides by hills of the Aravalli Range.

A substantial wall with four gateways encircles the city. The towns of Indragarh and nearby places are famous for the renowned temples of Bijasan Mata and Kamleshwar. The Indargarh step well is considered as one of the most attractive places in the Bundi district, especially during the rainy season.

Bundi district nestles in a narrow valley, enclosed by huge walls and fortified by four gateways.  A mediaeval fort stands sentinel to the city, a mute witness to history and tome.  Also known as ‘second Khasi’ due to the temples and Sanskrit schools ere, Bundi is also famous for its style of intricate paintings.

The district’s most notable feature is the large number of step-wells (Bawadis) with their unique architectural design.  The step wells of Bundi are art galleries by themselves with decorative designs and architecture, symbolizing the refined taste of the people of the time.  It’s amazing that every step well has maintained the religious tradition of having Lord Ganesha on one side and Saraswati on the other.

Places of Interest in Bundi


Rani-ji-ki-Baori is one of the finest step-wells in Bundi, this beautiful Rani-ji-ki-Baori was built in the year 1699 with 40 feet in width and 200 feet in depth. An excellent example of local architecture, this step-well is situated outside the walled city.

Sar Bagh

Sar Bagh is famous for the 66 royal cenotaphs. 

Sukh Mahal

The summer abode of the royal family, this palace is said to have an underground tunnel linking it to the old palace.  Sukh Mahal evokes memories of Rudyard Kipling who not only stayed here once byt also found inspiration here for his famous work “Kim”.

Taragarh fort

Taragarh fort is one of the most impressive forts i Rajasthan, the Taragarh fort is situated on top of a hill.  Built in 1345, the fort is ramshackle but nevertheless a great place to ramble around in leisure.

Bhimlat (23km)

Wild animals can be spotted by the lakeside, especially during the rainy season.  A Shiva temple and a wonderful waterfall can be found nearby.

Keshav Rai Patan (45km)

Keshav Rai Patan is an important site of the Gupta period, the beautifully carved Keshav Rai temple here stands on the bank of river Chambal.  Bricks and terracotta of that period have been found here.

Ramgarh Sanctuary (50km)

Ramgarh Sanctuary is located near Ramgarh village on the Nainwa road in the Aravalli ranges, this sanctuary acts as a buffer zone for the Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary and is an ideal habitat for tigers.  It consists of dense forest and is home to many species of animals and birds including panthers, hyenas, antelopes and wild boars.

Rameshwar (15km)

A beautiful picnic spot surrounded by the Aravalli ranges, Rameshwar also has a cave temple of Lord Shiva.

How to get there

Jaipur (206 km) is the nearest airport Bundi is situated on the Kota-Chittaur rail line and the nearest railway stations are Kota (36km) and Chittaur (155km).The district has got good road connections from important cities of Rajasthan Ujjain, Indore, Bhopal, and Delhi.