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Coimbatore is located at the foot of Nilgiri Mountains.  It is the third largest city in Tamil Nadu.  The city is situated on the banks of river Noyyal. Coimbatore is a major textile and engineering centre.  It is called as the “Manchester of South India.”  Coimbatore exist even a prior to the 2nd century AD.  It is the capital of a small tribal village Kongunadu.  It was the first unit of the early Cholas.  We can reach Coimbatore through the route of Ooty, Coonoor and other Nilgiri hill stations.
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Perur Pateswara Swamy temple

The perur temple is about 7km from Coimbatore.  The perur Patteeswara Swamy temple is one of the most popular temples in Coimbatore.  This temple was built by the famous king Karikala Cholan.  It is in the banks of river Noyyal.<< Coimbatore More Information >>

The presiding deity at this Shiva temple is Patteeswarar who is in the form of ‘Swayambulingam’.  His consort Pachai Nayaki also worshipped here in the form of idol.  People are mostly attracted by this temple because of its “Golden Hall” which is considered as ‘Knakasaba’.  This hall is adorned by a gold plated statue of Nataraja bestowing blessings upon the two sages Gowmuni and Pattimuni.

Marudamalai Temple

This temple is about 12km and it is a small natural hill lying to the West of Coimbatore.  It is more than 800 years old.  This temple is dedicated to Lord Dandayuthapani (ie) God Muruga is on the hillock.  The height of this foot hill is about 600 feet.

Agricultural University

This university is about 5km from Coimbatore.  It is also one of the 16 major Agricultural Universities in India.  Originally this was an Agricultural college, which later became the Tamil Nadu Agricultural University. << Coimbatore More Information >>

Forest College

Forest College is about 3.5km from the North of Coimbatore station.  This is one of the oldest institutions of its kind in India.  An interesting museum is also there.

G.D. Naidu Industrial Exhibition

This industry is named by the former master in technocrat.  His name is G.D. Naidu who had made invaluable contribution to technical, mechanical, electronic and agricultural sectors.

V.O.C Park

This park is named after the well known freedom fighter V.O.Chidambaram Pillai.  This park includes a small zoo and an enjoyable train.  

Excursions around Coimbatore

Annamalai Wild life Sanctuary

This sanctuary is about 90km from Coimbatore.  It is located at an altitude of 1,400 meters on the Western Ghats near Pollachi.

This wild life sanctuary has a wide collection of rare animals.  Crocodiles are bred at the Amaravathy Reservoir.  Karain shoal, Anai Kunthi Shoal, Ghats’s hills, Teak estates and waterfalls are very beautiful places to our sight.  Visitor can go round the sanctuary on elephant or by van.

Top slip

Top slip is about 35km from pollachi.  It is a picturesque picnic spot.  We can see the panoramic view of Anamalai hills from here. << Coimbatore More Information >>


Bhavani is an important pilgrim centre.  The sangameshwarar temple is located here at the confluence of the rivers Bhavani and Cauvery.

Siruvani Waterfalls

Siruvani falls is about 37km West of Coimbatore.  This water is well known for its purity.  The waterfalls and dam are very scenic in the surroundings.  There is another dam which is called as Bhavani Sagar is about 40km from Coimbatore.

Peramikulam Allyar project

Allayar project is located on the Anamalai range.  This is an engineering feat.  It consists of several dams which are linked by tunnels and canals.  It harnesses the waters of seven rivers for the irritation and power generation. << Coimbatore More Information >>

Other Places

Buses are available from Coimbatore to the Nilgiri hill stations of Ooty, Coonoor and Kothagiri, Palani and Guruvayoor temple towns.  The commercial centre of pollachi and the handloom weaving centre of Chennaimalai are here.  Erode, Thiruppur, Avinashi and Kodumudi are very interesting to visit.

How to reach


Indian Airlines flights are available from Coimbatore.  It is well connected with Cochin, Chennai, Bangalore, Trichy, Mumbai and some other places.


It is a major Railway junction.  The rail is linked with most of the big cities and towns.  The famous Kerala, Karnataka Express between Trivandrum and New Delhi passes through Coimbatore and the Mumbai-Kanyakumari Jayanti Janta Express is also available.  There are also trains to Chennai, Madurai, Rameswaram, Ooty and Bangalore.


Direct buses are available frequently from here.  Bangalore 365km, Guruvayoor 160km, Kanyakumari 475km, Chennai 485km, Madurai 225km, Mysore 230km, Ooty 98km, Kodaikanal 138km and Trichy 204km. << Coimbatore More Information >>