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Kodaikanal is one of the India’s best known ‘Hill stations’.  It is situated amidst the sylvan grandeur of the Palani Hills.  This is an off shoot of the Western Ghats.  The word Kodaikanal comes from the Tamil words “Kodai” and “kanal.”  It is literally gives the meaning of “relief from heat” and the place never disappoints the traveler. << Kodaikanal More Information >>

Kodaikanal is set in a gentle sloping wood which gives an abundant to bird life.  The scenic way up by rood runs through coffee plantations and thick forests.  This will resort is about 120km from Madurai.  The nearest rail head is Kodaikanal road.  It is about 80km away from the Southern Railway.

Kodaikanal is very proud because of the flower ‘Kurinji’, which blossoms once in 12 years.  The hill plantain fruits and plums are known for their freshness and taste.  The altitude is about 7,000 feet; which is above the sea level.  Its location is about 120km from Madurai.  This hill station is more than 2133meters.  It is above the sea level which draws tourists to the verdant charms of its spectacular lake.  The panoramic view of this waterfalls, shoals and forests are very wonderful. 


April to June and September to October are the best seasons to visit.  The range of temperature is about 12 and 20°C in summer.  It ranges about 8 to 18 degree Celsius in winter. << Kodaikanal More Information >>

Kodaikanal Lake

The lake is an interesting and magnificent to visit.  It has boating facilities and a 4km long promenade skirting are the main attractions of Kodaikanal.  We can see Lilly and lotus flowers in the corner of a lake.  The lake is covered by full of trees and plants we can enjoy by rowing boat and by admiring the nature. << Kodaikanal More Information >>

Bryant Park

Bryant Park is situated on the eastern side of the lake.  It is famous for its flowers, hybrids, cut flowers and grafts.  These things are exported from here.  Annual horticultural shows are being held during the May season.

Coaker’s walk

Coaker’s walk is just one kilometer from the lake.  This walk derives the name form L.T.Coaker.  He only prepared the map of Kodaikanal.  Coaker’s walk runs a long a steep and an emerald green wooded slope.  Entry fee is also collected here.  We can see lot of plants, trees and herbs.  The panoramic view of this hill looks beautiful in this approach. << Kodaikanal More Information >>

Green Valley View

This green valley is about 5.5km from the lake.  It is very nearer to the Golf club originally, this was known as suicide point.  We can see the enchanting view of the vaigai dam from here.

Pillar Rocks

Pillar rock is about 7.4km from the lake.  There are three boulders which stood here to shoulder to shoulder.  It measures about 400 feet in the vertical position this rock provides us a marvelous and majestic sigh.  It has a mini garden with beautiful flowers.

Kurinji Andavar Temple

Kurinji Andavar temple is about 3km from the lake.  It has a famous shrine which is dedicated to Lord Murugan.  This temple associated with the Kurinji flowers.  This flower blooms once in 12 years.  From this temple we can have a pleasant and magnificent view of Palani and Vaigai Dam.

Chettiar Park

The Chettiar Park is situated on the way to Kurinji Andavar temple.  This park is a charming place to stop by.  We can see lot of trees, flowers and different types of ferns and shrubs here.  It has very excellent flowers like Jxoracoccinea and Bogain Villa in different colors.  The green grass fields and their cuttings according to the shape of cave, elephant and deer are fantastic. << Kodaikanal More Information >>

How to reach


Madurai airport is about 120km it is very nearest one and the Coimbatore Airport is about 135km from here.


Nearest railway station is Palani.  It is about 64km and the Kodaikanal road is about 80km.


Kodaikanal has a well connected road with all the main towns in Tamil Nadu. << Kodaikanal More Information >>