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Rameshwaram is one of the most sacred and a holy town in India.  It is a famous venerated temple.  This temple is dedicated to Sri Ramanathaswamy.  It is legend that Lord Rama performed a pooja to Lord Shiva, after his return from Lanka after killing King Ravana.  Therefore, Rameswaram is considered as a holy place for both Saivates and Vaishnavites. << Rameswaram More Information >>

We can take bath in the sea at Danushkodi.  It is considered as a holy site.  Danushkodi can be reached by a road from Rameswaram.  It is an island in the Gulf of Manner.  This is connected to the mainland at mandapam through the railway. << Rameswaram More Information >>

Sri Ramanathaswami Temple

Sri Ramanatha Swami temple construction stands as a wonderful example of Tamil literature and architecture.  This construction was started in the 19th century.  All the rulers in a span of 350 years contributed gratefully in various aspects of the temple.  According to our history, this temple was installed by Sri Rama.  After the battle of Lanka, Rama wanted to install a Lingam at Rameswaram to absolve himself of the sin of vanquishing Ravana.  Rama sent his most devout disciple Hanuman to Mount Kailas to fetch the lingam. The auspicious time for consecration came very nearer.  Since Hanuman was late, Sita Devi made one Lingam out of sand.  This was worshipped and installed as Rama Lingam.  In the mean time, Hanuman rushed in with the Lingam from Kailas.  He was disappointed to find another lingam already installed.  In order to pacify Hanuman, Rama had the Hanumanth Lingam.  That is also called as Viswalingam. << Rameswaram More Information >>

 He installed alongside and ordered that Puja should be first performed for the Viswalingam.  This tradition is being followed today also.  The shrine of Parvathavardhini who was the consort of Sri Ramanatha is on right side of Rama Lingam.

The most interesting feature in the temple is 4,000 foot long corridor.  It is an outstanding beauty of that perambulatory corridor.  It has beautiful carvings on the pillars, walls and ceiling.  This temple has 22 theerthas.  They are called as holy springs, which are believed to have medicinal properties.


The sea in front of the Ramanathaswami temple is very calm and the water is considered as a sacred one.  Hindu devotees believe that a bath in the holy waters here washes away their sins.  It is a custom to take bath in this place before entering the Rameswaram temple.

Gandha Madhana Parvatham

Gandha Madhana parvatham is a hillock situated to the north west of this temple.  It is about 2.5km west of the Ramanatha swamy temple.  This is the highest point of the island.  This two storeyed is on a small hillock. An imprint of Sri Rama’s Patham is enshrined here.  This chakra attracts lot of pilgrims. From the top of the hillock we can have an excellent view of this island. << Rameswaram More Information >>

Kothanda Ramaswamy temple

Kodhada Ramaswamy temple is situated at Dhanushkodi. It is about 7km from Rameshwaram . It is the lone structure to have survived the disastrous 1964 cyclone. It wiped out the rest of the island. According to the legend,Vibishana ; the brother of Ravana, surrendered to Rama at this spot . The  idols of Sri Rama, Sita, Lakshmana, Hanuman and vibhishana are installed here.Swami Vivekananda is said to have landed here after his historic trip to spread Hinduism in the western world. << Rameswaram More Information >>


Dhanushkodi is the southern  most tip of the island where the Indian ocean mingles with the Bay of Bengal.It is about 18km from Dhanushkodi. Amajor portion wasd washed away during the 1964 cyclone. To reach Sethutheertham at Dhanushkodi. We have to walk3km along the shores.Adip in Sethu is considered as holy. << Rameswaram More Information >>


Thirupullani is also known as Dharbasayanam. The Vishnu temple here is dedicated to lord Adi Jagannatha Perumal. This temple is situated outside the island; it also connected with Sri Rama’s expedition too.

Sri Lanka

This temple is about 10km from Ramanathapuram.  Sri Rama is said to have worshipped the diety and secured to bow to fight with Ravana.  It also said that Rama lay on Dharba bed for7days in order to invoke the sea God for safe passage to Sri Lanka. << Rameswaram More Information >>

Uthira Kosamangai

It is about 16Km South West of Ramanathapuram. It stands as the renowned Shiva temple of Uttara Kosamangai .  The  poet  Manikkarachagar has sung of it .  The Lord is Mangaleshwara and the Goddess of here is Mangaleshwari. The temple has inspired many Tamil works of devotion.  Of course it has the Ramanatha temple in Rameshwaram.  The lord of here is Nataraja who is fully made up of Emerald stones. << Rameswaram More Information >>


This coastal village is also known as Navagraha here.  The temple nearby   here is dedicated to Devi .  He only has killed the demon Mahishasura at this spot.  Hindus perform religious rites for their forefathers here.

How to Reach


Madurai is the nearest airport from here.  It is about 162Km.


Rameshwaram has a well connected road with all the important towns in Tamil Nadu.


Railway is connected to all the major cities.

A glance of distances

  • Kanyakumari is about 409Km.
  • Ramanathapuram is about 55Km.
  • Tiruchi is about 280km.
  • Tirunelveli is about 290Km.

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