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Thiruchirapalli is situated on the banks of river Cauvery.  The other name of Thiruchirapalli is Trichy.  Trichy is the fourth largest city in all state.  It is about 325km from Chennai.  Trichy is a thriving commercial centre in Tamil Nadu.  It was the citadel of early Chola rulers.  Then it fell to the rule of Pallavas later.  The Pallavas are unable to manage and retain this strategic city.  They lost this city to the Pandyas several times. << Trichy More Information >>

 Pallavas and Pandyas struggled a lot to catch this powerful city several times.  They continued it up to the 10th century.  Then the Cholas asserted and assumed rule for a long time.  


Thiruvaanaikkaval is about 7k from Trichy and 2km to the East of Srirangam.  The Shiva temple here is situated under the holy tree Jambu.  Hence, Thiruvaanaikkaval is also known as Jambukeshwaram.  << Trichy More Information >>

The base of this Appu Lingam is submerged in water coming from a spring in the sanctum sanctorum.  It is a legend, that elephant once worshipped this Lingam.  So it got the Tamil name Thiruvaanikkaval aanai in Tamil means elephant.  The Goddess in the temple is Akhilandeswari.

Grand Anicut (Kallanai)

Kallanai is about 20km from Trichy.  This irrigation dam was built across the river Cauvery by Karikalla Cholan in the second century AD and it was later strengthened by the British. Their Anicut is one of the greatest engineering march of India.  This dam divests the Cauvery water to Thanjavur district.  The sight of this dam is a good picnic spot with gardens and fountains and brightly lit at night.


Samayapuram is about 20km from Trichy.  This is a very important place of pilgrimage.  This temple is very famous and it is dedicated to the Goddess Mariamman. << Trichy More Information >>


Viralimalai temple is dedicated to Lord Muruga at the top of this hill.  A peacock sanctuary is located here.


It is a site of ancient Jain Caves.  Jain monks are said to have lived here and they meditated in these caves.  There is an old Brahmi script, images of Teerthankars and frescoes speak of early Jain art in South India. << Trichy More Information >>

How to go


Indian Airlines flights are available from Trichy to Chennai, Madurai, Trivandrum and Cochin.


Trichy is well connected by rail with all important town and cities.  There are the rockfort express and Cholan express from Chennai Egmore to Trichy.


Trichy is an important junction for all the express and luxury buses.  A glance of distance; Madurai 145km, Chennai 320km, Thanjavur 54km, Kanyakumari 380km and Chidambaram 162km.

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