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Thirunelveli is an ancient town in Tamil Nadu with a hoary tradition. It is the head quarters of the district Thirunelveli which is in the midway between Madurai and Kanyakumari.  It is located on the banks of the river Thamaraparani.  It is also famous for the sweet halwa.

Sri Gandhimathi Nellaiyappar temple

Sri Gandhi mathi Nellaiyappar temple is situated in the heart of the city.  This is a twin temple.  It is dedicated to lord Shiva and Parvathi.  We can see the Golden Lilly tank, rare variety of jewels and a hall of thousand pillars with lots of musical pillars.  These are very excellent and worth to visit and view.


Krishnapuram is about 13Km from Thirunelveli.  The temple in this place is dedicated to lord Vishnu.  The presiding deity of here is Lord Thiru Venkatanathan.  We can see number of life-size sculptures here. The intricate carvings with excellent workmanship are enchanting to our eyes.


Thenkasi is about 53Km from Thirunelveli.  The name of this town implies that as Kasi of South [ie] Varanasi.  The flag staff of this temple is note ful to worth.  It is famous for its sculptural beauty which is about 400 years old.  The tower of this temple is about 172 feet high.  It was built in the year 1456 by the king called Parakirama Pandiyan. This temple was damaged during the year1924 and it was rebuilt with the height of163 feet.


Kutrallam is about 60 Km from Thirunelveli.  It is located in 5Km from Tenkasi.  Kutrallam is an excellent refuge from the hustle –bustle of the urban life.  This is a wonderful view to our sight.  This natural spa is located on the Western Ghats.  It has at least of 7 interesting and enthusiatic waterfalls.


Papanasam is about 42 Km from Thirunelveli.  This holy place is located on the Western Ghats of the Pothigai hills.  It is very close to the Papanasam falls, which is on the banks of the river Thamiraparani.  In this river only God Siva and Goddess Parvathi appeared before the great saint Agasthiya. So this falls is popularly called as Agasthiya falls.  Agasthiya temple was built here to commemorate the visit of the divine couple.


Srivaikuntam is about 37km from Thirunelveli.  It is famous for the temple which is dedicated to Lord Vishnu who is known as Srivaikuntapathi swami.  The temple has a lofty gopuram with lot of arts and architecture.  The Thiruvengada Mudaliyar Mandapam is rich with sculptures of Yallis, Elephants and warriors.  The Ekadasi mandapam will be open on Vaikuntha Ekadasi days.  It contains exquisite and excavating sculptures.

During the conflicting days between the East Indian company forces and the fantastic freedom fighter Kattabomman this temple served as a great fort.


This temple is about 48km from Thirunelveli.  Thiruchendur temple is one of the six abodes of Lord Subramaniya.  It is situated on the banks of Bay of Bengal.  This temple attracts thousands of tourists and pilgrim centers.  After defeating the demon Soorapadma, lord Subramaniya   came to this place.  He offered his prayers to Lord shiva.  The age of this temple is about 2000 years old.

This ancient temple is famous for the annual kandashasti   festival which is celebrated here.  During the festival, the devotees reenact the victory of Lord Muruga over SooraPadman.  The Lord of here is seen holding a string of Rudraksha beads instead of his usual spear.  The reason cited for this change is that he is worshipping Lord Shiva at this temple.

How to reach


The nearest airport is Thirvananthapuram.  It is about 112km.  Then the Madurai Airport is about 150km.


Thirunelveli has an important railway junction.


It has a well connected road with all the major cities of Tamil Nadu.