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Tiruvannamali is about 185 km from Chennai.  Arunachaleswarar Temple is dedicated to Tejo Lingam or Jyothir Lingam.  This temple is one of the largest temples in South India.  It is situated at the foot a hill.  It covers an area of 25 acres.  Tiruvannamalai is considered as one of the Pancha Bhutha Sthalas because of the fore incarnation of God.  The main gopuram is about 200 feet and 13 storey’s high.  The nine imposing gopurams of this temple are very magnificent. 

We can see Thiruvannamalai Deepam on the day of karthigai.  A huge beacon is lighted at the top of the hill in commemoration of a legendary flame during the month of November to December.  The well known Ramana Ashram is here.  The famous Sathanur Dam is situated 35 km from Thiruvannamalai.  The dam across the Ponniar River is set in the midst of hill and reserve forest area.


Once upon a time God Brahma and Lord Vishnu argued misguidedly.  The problem is about who was greater, in order to find a solution they went to Lord Siva to settle their debit.  Lord Siva later appeared before them as a pillar of fire.  Siva ordered them to find his beginning or end.  He informed them who was able to find will be declared as a winner (greater).

Lord Vishnu went downwards into the earth and Lord Brahma flew upwards into the space.  They are unable to find the base or the crest of the Lingam of fire.  At last both of them lost their arrogance and bowed their head before Lord Siva.  The Pillar of fire became the hill of Arunachala which is considered as s “Natural Lingam.”

How to reach


The airport of Chennai is about 185km from Thiruvannamalai.


The railway station is on the Villupuram to Kadpadi rail route. 


Thiruvannamalai has well connected road with all the cities in Tamil Nadu.