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Tamil Nadu is the region of ancient Indian art and architecture.  Tamil is one of the oldest and most developed Indian languages.  It is a cultural and traditional land of Tamil peoples.  Tamil Nadu is a land of temples, sunny beaches, sylvan surroundings, hill resorts, waterfalls and wonderful shrine sculptures.  We can see varieties of flora and fauna here.

The area of Tamil Nadu is about 1,30,069 sq. kilometers.  Its long coastline is about 1000 km. Tamil Nadu is an agricultural region.  The land is washed by many rivers which flow into the Bay of Bengal.  The river Cauvery is considered as the life line of Tamil Nadu because it is a perennial river.  Sathanur, Vaigai, Bhavani Sagar are some of the rivers in Tamil Nadu.  The areas in the Cauvery delta are flourishing paddy growing region. Thanjavur is known as the rice bowl of the state or the granary of Tamil Nadu.

Tamil Nadu is the gateway of South India.  Chennai is the capital of Tamil Nadu.  It is situated on the Southern tip of the Indian peninsula.  It is bordered by the union territory Pondicherry and the states of Kerala, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh.  Tamil Naduis bounded by the Eastern Ghats in the North.  The Nilgiris, the Anaimalai hills, and Palakkad are in the West of Tamil Nadu.  The Bay of Bengal in the east, the Gulf of Mannar and the Palk Strait are in the South East; The Indian Ocean in the South.  It is the gateway of South India.  The visitors are more interested to visit here because of the magnificent temples with towering and historical monuments.

Tamil Nadu’s recorded history commences from the 1st century AD and up to the 14th Century is considered as the Pallavan Kingdom.  Our state was ruled by three kingdoms.  They are Pandiyas, Cheras and Cholas.  The Chera kingdom is the modern Kerala State.  The Pandiyas ruled the South and the Cholas ruled the North.  The sangam age is supposed to be the golden age of Tamil.

Tamil Nadu also has places of pilgrim interest and historical value Kanchipuram, Madurai (Meenakshi Sundareshwarar Temple), Srirangam(Sri Renganathar Temple), Thanjavur(Brahadeshwarar Temple), Trichy(Rock Fort Vinayaga Temple), Chidambaram(Natraj Remple) are some of the temples in Tamil Nadu.