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Thanjavur Palace

Thanjavur palace is about 1km from Brihadeeswarar Temple.  This building is known as the Great fort.  It lies in the East of Little fort.  It is a magnificent palace which is surrounded with huge fort walls.  This vast structure of masonry was built partly by the Naicks around 1500AD during the 14th century AD.  This was partly built by the Marathas also.

This palace measures 110 acres in size.  Thanjavur palace is a fascinating building with huge corridors in a grand pile.  It consists of spacious halls with fully decorated rooms.  It has a tall observation towers with wonderful stucco works.  They have ceilings with underground tunnels and beautiful paintings with the fresco walk.  Intricate carvings and royal family’s sacred Chandra Mauleeshwarar temple are very interesting and it is worth to visit.

Art Gallery

This art gallery has a fabulous collection of Chola sculptures and bronze icons.  The stone sculptures are very unique in their priceless quality.  We can see the greatness of Chola art which enlightens the finest pieces of Gods in sculptures and in stones with bronze icons.  According to Hindu Mythology the sculptures are very special in showing their legend.  It gives a great reference to our back ground.  The pores of God in different forms are very enthusiastic.