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Velavadar Blackbuck National Park

Velavadar National Park is situated in the state of Gujarat.  This park has got its name from the fact that it is meant as a sanctuary for blackbucks primarily.  This national park has a land of golden grass lands in a wide spread manner.  It attracts the tourists by having the spiral horned antelope or the black bucks.  We can see it when they are bounding up out of the grasses.

This park has a coast nearer to it.  There we can watch variety of birds in the wetlands.  Pelicans, flamingos, ducks, waders, coots, white storks, painted storks are some of the birds.

This national park gives a great treat for the birdwatchers by having the different species of cranes.
It’s a home for Thousands of harriers from Europe during the winter season.  Fifty rarest birds are also among them. The lesser florican is also a regular visitor to this park.

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